RLB International Senior Secondary School

Welcome from Principal

Dear Parents
Thank you very much for your interest in Ram Lakhan Bhatt International Senior Secondary School. We extend a warm welcome to you and hope that this Prospectus gives you an insight into the life and organisation of our School, of which we are very proud.

All staff at Ram Lakhan Bhatt International senior Secondary School (RLBIS) work as a very close team in order to create a caring School that recognises the uniqueness of each child and is dedicated to developing each child’s individual talents within a well rounded, inclusive education. We have realistic yet challenging high expectations of children in all areas of the curriculum and behaviour and seek innovative ways to support their academic, sporting, creative and artistic talents. We do this by providing a broad and enriched curriculum within a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment. This is supported by a vibrant and enjoyable range of extracurricular activities We also seek to develop a high self-esteem in all our learners; children and staff and recognise all of their successes, whether secured in or beyond the School. Our close and effective partnership with parents is crucial to our children’s success and we actively seek your support.

Our group of six Schools is working closely together on the shared specialism of Music, which we will develop through the arts using a range of media including Information Technology. We are very proud of the work that goes on at Ram Lakhan Bhatt International senior Secondary School (RLBIS) but feel that a Prospectus, whilst very informative, does not fully encapsulate all that goes on within the School and we would therefore encourage you to visit and see the School in action. We will provide you with a very warm welcome Principal
Ram Lakhan Bhatt International Senior Secondary School