RLB International Senior Secondary School

Our Vision

Our shared vision

Our aim is to make Ram Lakhan Bhatt International senior Secondary School a caring, vibrant and
viable School in which all children can aspire to their full potential.

We will achieve this by:

  • Developing high self-esteem through a culture where everyone is listened to,
    valued, supported, respected and feels secure.
  • Embracing challenge and learning from experience even when things go
  • Offering an informative, interesting and vibrant environment which actively
    fosters a love of learning.
  • Being inclusive, whilst valuing the need for individuality.
  • Enriching children’s perception of cultural diversity through developing a
    global awareness.
  • Motivating children with a broad, rich and inspiring curriculum
  • Developing a culture of respect for others and self through establishing clear
    expectations and boundaries
  • Fostering effective and rewarding partnerships through clear communication
    at all levels.
  • Ensuring a spiritual and emotional awareness of the whole self
    Creating a vibrant and interesting School where children, staff and parents
    develop a passion for learning