RLB International Senior Secondary School


A broad education cannot be confined within the walls of a classroom. Our excellence in academic study is complemented by an extensive range of innovative sessions & extracurricular activities in order to involve students and channelize their energy & enterprise

Hobby Classes

To the positive mindset created by the academic curriculum and sports, an added boost is provided through fun – filled hobby classes. All students are encouraged to pursue and develop their talent, may it be in the arts, music, dance, drama or craft. Students have a vast panorama to choose from
Classical Dance, Vocal Music, Tabla, Sitar, Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Clay
Modeling, Wire Frame Models, Western & Indian Percussion.


Appreciation of world cultures

Ram Lakhan Bhatt International Senior Secondary School  encourages the student community to learn more about other cultures through various events during the school year. Our school has a wonderful mixture of diverse cultures and backgrounds that provides both students, and their families with many exciting ways to grow and learn



The Student Association, headed by the faculty, organizes all scholastic activities with students assuming responsibility. The Histrionics Club, Painters Gallery, Raman’s Team, curiosity Corner, Adventure Club (Sahasi), Hobby Club and Eco Club are entirely student driven. Gold and Silver Stars are awarded to selected students on the basis of talent and merit. Students selected as ‘Stars of the Week spend five days as orators and speakers, which in turn enhances their confidence level


The Science Club

Ram Lakhan Bhatt International Senior Secondary School provides year round opportunities for students to explore science. Every month, members participate in an activity, project, or volunteer activity related to science. At the end of each year, a Science Exhibition is held where students exhibit their imagination at their best.



Excursions and field trips

Excursions and field trips to places of historical importance, cultural richness and religious significance, are organized every year. Materials collected during these are shared with others in the form of presentations




Real Life Exposure

School and education is a preparation for real life. With the view to reinforce students’ formal learning through exposure to the world we introduced the “Real life exposure Programme designed to teach students 21st century skills. Some of them include


Community Outreach

Community Outreach Programme is an off campus programme conducted for the students to help understand the local community and provide a learning experience that engage and reflect their ideas


Adventure Learning

Ram Lakhan Bhatt International Senior Secondary School offers many exciting activities to encourage & develop a spirit of adventure. The activities are carefully devised to discover the powers of determination & sensitise young minds to appreciate the beauty & power of nature. No chalk and talk, participants walk. Walk the wild side, camp, sail, and climb to hone their life skills. The wilderness provides great opportunities to learn basic skills like communication, leadership, crisis management & team building in a conducive & challenging environment. ‘Nature is the Best Teacher’-on a Nature trail, one can observe many forms of life flora & fauna and learn a lot more by sheer observation. A flight of ducks can teach Synergy’, an autumn tree can teach perseverance’, flowing water can teach Transparency’, ants can teach Team work’ & a weaverbird can teach ‘Precision Guest Lectures We also conduct various guest lectures on campus to give students an opportunity to interact and learn from people from various walks of life